🚀 Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in software development and game engine & tools programming.

Currently I’m the CTO of DialogueTrainer, an award-winning platform that helps professionals improve their soft skills with data-driven interactive conversation simulations for virtual training and assessment.

I co-founded DialogueTrainer with the goal of having global impact on communication skills training, which has resulted in training 50.000+ professionals and students in customer service, social work, HR, leadership & management, procurement and sales across various sectors such as energy, management consulting, travel, healthcare, government and education worldwide.

Recently DialogueTrainer won the CES 2023 Innovation Award 🏆 in the Software & Mobile Apps category for improving the business KPIs of multinational corporations with simulation-based learning.

I’ve enjoyed working in the game industry as an engine and tools programmer at Abbey Games on a particle scripting pipeline.

Whenever time allows I love to explore places where I’ve never been before, eat well-crafted food and increase my strength in the gym with weightlifting and calisthenics.

If you would like to contact me, you’re always welcome to send an email to jordy@jordyvandortmont.com.